Thursday, March 3, 2011

You Want, You Lose Fridays Part II

Check here for You Want, You Lose Fridays Part I as well as rules of this game.

Now down to business:

Is that...could it be...
Indeed, it is. A s'more keyboard? Yes it is. And its actually made of marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers. Not so functional, but awesome? Yes. And if there was a keyboard out there like this, I bet it would be popular.
This great innovation is the iNto64 released by Bacteria is a one of a kind system that is currently being raffled off. It has all the functionality of the classic N64 system in a portable system you can play on the go. Forget Nintendo taking your favorite games and putting them into new systems, just convert your childhood into pure awesomeness.

This is the Sharky Tea Infuser. Designed by Pablo Matteoda, and viewable on this site, it is hopefully soon to be in production. Pablo mentioned on his blog that it should be sometime soon, so if you want one, keep checking back the the above mentioned site. As you can see, you put the tea in and let it float around your mug and the tea will become mixed in with your water. The fin is actually hollow and full of air and sealed watertight making it able to float.
Designed by Icelandic designer Kristin Birna Bjarnadottir, this is the Illuminant lamp. Once again this is a design piece that is not yet in production or for sale. The lamp is suspended by fishing line from the ceiling and the lampshade is made of reflective material. The light comes up from the floor and fills the whole room with several different glass plates that fit over the bulb, allowing for colors such as blue, clear, and red.

You might remember the video game Portal, the puzzle game where you shoot a beginning and ending portal to reach the end of levels. Well here are sweet bookends based on the game. Not available for purchase yet though.

Hope you liked this week's awesome things you want. I am sorry that they are all concepts and none are buyable...yet. Like I said, keep checking up on the ones you want but for now all you can do is drool over them while them tempt you from your computer screen. Enojy!

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  1. I lost, I want the Illuminant lamp!

  2. >chocolate keyboard
    nope, too edible

    >n64 portable
    no multiplayer

    I don't drink much tea anyway

    I lost it, that thing looks like a jellyfish

  3. I want the damn shark thing! followed!

  4. love the chocolate and the portal!

  5. Thought I was safe but you had me at those Portal bookends. What a simple idea and yet I want... so badly.

  6. i only want sharky :D i lost..

  7. dang thought I would get you all with a lot more...seems you are a hard lot to please lol

  8. I lost a couple times. I like the N64, but I'd rather build my own. That damn thing is so cool, there's a way to make a gamecube version also.

  9. I definitely lost this week!

  10. love the shark thing ! definitily following !