Sunday, February 27, 2011

Back to the Grind

Alright everyone obviously it was the weekend and I hope you had wild crazy shenanigans go down this weekend but hopefully none of you were as bad as this guy:
And yes I know its going to be Monday, the most hated of all days so make sure you're not like this guy:

Or....this guy:

And just remember if you REALLY hate your job that much, you can always set the building on fire

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Friday, February 25, 2011

You Want, You Lose Fridays

This is a post about a popular internet game called You X, You Lose.

It is used with any pic related to the X, and if you agree with rule X you lose.

X can be a multitude of things such as:
-You Laugh, You Lose (do I really have to explain this one)
-You Nostalgia, You Lose (reminiscing about childhood things)
-You Rage, You Lose (relate to an annoying situation, you lose)
-You Want, You Lose (posting a desirable item and if you want it, you lose)

I have decided in the spirit of how awesome Friday is, it being the day that kicks off the weekend, Fridays will be a showcase of You Want, You Lose items. Hope you find them as desirable and jaw dropping as I do.

Note: Some of these, you can buy and I have a link. I am in no way affiliated with the products or the companies that make them. I am simply making your life easier if you would like to buy them.
These are called Fizz Savers and they basically work like keeping pop on tap.
Available for purchase here: Fizz Dispenser from Amazon
This is... pure genius. They are as you can see, balloons shaped like missiles to tail your car. To passerbys it looks like heat seeking missiles are chasing you down and are trying to seek and destroy. Pretty funny when you see their face, not so funny when the cops pull you over. In America at least it's illegal to dangle anything off your car (like balloon missiles)

To top things off I looked all over the internet but I just can't find anywhere to buy these. So while you can LOOK at how awesome they are as well as drool over them, you can't buy them.

We all remember the awesome the Pin Art thing we had as kids, you can put your handprint through it, make the pins look like a penis, even stab your eye out when you want to engrave your face in pin history, that is, until your buddy shakes it and all was lost. Well, this is a pin clock. Meaning its super bad ass, so bad ass that it is currently sold out on Amazon. It doens't have a backlight though so it's only good in the light. Also reviewers say it makes an audible click every minute, so it is definitely a novelty clock. But if you really want it keep trying back here:Pin Clock on Amazon Be warned though this clock will cost you a cool $70.
Ah chess, a great game I learned and played a lot while growing up but those days are over... WAIT holy shit.... chess with beer or shots depending your preference and how wasted you are willing to get. Now I can't find a particular seller for this set (guess you can make your own if you have enough glasses, each piece is a different type of glass) or if you don't like that idea you can go out and find whatever board suits you, there are plenty to choose from.
My last pic is called the Aspiral Clock. The premise behind this clock is that it turns every minute and the ball rolls along with gravity to tell the correct time. At 12 o'clock, the ball drops thru the center, back to the outside and starts its 12 hour journey all over again. Before you start drooling too hard over this image, just like the Pin Clock, they are sold out. Except for one... Visit their website here: Aspiral Clocks for more details but they have one clock left they are auctioning off in May, with the new edition coming out later this year. Their clocks sell for £350 which to Americans means a whopping $564.04 and I don't think that includes shipping. Their later model will probably be around the same price if you want to wait for it, but if you don't you can take your chances at the auction (I wouldn't)

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Balls of Steel

Hey guys,

Today I will be bringing you some hilarious videos to watch from a British program called Balls of Steel.

Now the way the show works, for those who have never seen it, is that 6 different act compete to win the audience over. One of those acts was the winner from last week, kind of like ESPN's top plays winner gets voted on against today's top play and the winner lives to fight another day. 

So the audience decides which act's video has the biggest balls because pretty much every single video act is done with a hidden camera and an unsuspecting public that these people fuck with.

Well there are two acts that I have just found hilarious and today I'll share some clips with you.

The first act is Neg's Urban Sports. Neg Dupree finds different ways to compete and keep score while messing with people and turns it into a game which anyone can play.

Here are a few of his...interesting...sports.

Neg's Burger Bowl Off (only one to win on Balls of Steel)

Neg's Big Stranger Rodeo

Neg's Urban Sprinting

And for a look at our second hilarious performer: The Annoying Devil. This guy dresses up like a devil and then goes around and pranking people. His videos are all pretty awesome so enjoy 3 of them.
First one
Second one

Third one

If you enjoy these definitely check out more of these on youtube. Neg has a total of around ten urban sports and the Annoying Devil has a large number of videos so if you laughed at these, you'll be sure to enjoy more.

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Friday, February 18, 2011


Ok everyone this will be my first attempt at a blog so bear with me while I learn a bit more about blogging in general and work on making better and better posts. Hope to update a few times a week.

This blog will be for funny and interesting things that I find on the internet. If it piques my interest while I'm surfing, it'll probably end up here. Additionally I plan on having a series on explanation and the background of internet memes.

First interesting thing: Take this image and play any music with it. If it doesn't dance to the beat, your money back.
 Oh and just in case  you decide to be a smart ass and post some super fast song like this one: Through The Fire and the Flames and think you've won, here's super fast Fry to back him up

Mind= Blown?


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