Thursday, February 24, 2011

Balls of Steel

Hey guys,

Today I will be bringing you some hilarious videos to watch from a British program called Balls of Steel.

Now the way the show works, for those who have never seen it, is that 6 different act compete to win the audience over. One of those acts was the winner from last week, kind of like ESPN's top plays winner gets voted on against today's top play and the winner lives to fight another day. 

So the audience decides which act's video has the biggest balls because pretty much every single video act is done with a hidden camera and an unsuspecting public that these people fuck with.

Well there are two acts that I have just found hilarious and today I'll share some clips with you.

The first act is Neg's Urban Sports. Neg Dupree finds different ways to compete and keep score while messing with people and turns it into a game which anyone can play.

Here are a few of his...interesting...sports.

Neg's Burger Bowl Off (only one to win on Balls of Steel)

Neg's Big Stranger Rodeo

Neg's Urban Sprinting

And for a look at our second hilarious performer: The Annoying Devil. This guy dresses up like a devil and then goes around and pranking people. His videos are all pretty awesome so enjoy 3 of them.
First one
Second one

Third one

If you enjoy these definitely check out more of these on youtube. Neg has a total of around ten urban sports and the Annoying Devil has a large number of videos so if you laughed at these, you'll be sure to enjoy more.

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  1. lol that british man threw burgers at people, and people say that british humor is a dying art.

  2. I love Balls of Steal! Haha proud to be british from these videos! :D

  3. That's awesome! But unfortunately I am not from the Great land of Brittan so...I just have to watch these great clips on the internet.

  4. The British accent is hard for me to understand, im trying though

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