Friday, February 18, 2011


Ok everyone this will be my first attempt at a blog so bear with me while I learn a bit more about blogging in general and work on making better and better posts. Hope to update a few times a week.

This blog will be for funny and interesting things that I find on the internet. If it piques my interest while I'm surfing, it'll probably end up here. Additionally I plan on having a series on explanation and the background of internet memes.

First interesting thing: Take this image and play any music with it. If it doesn't dance to the beat, your money back.
 Oh and just in case  you decide to be a smart ass and post some super fast song like this one: Through The Fire and the Flames and think you've won, here's super fast Fry to back him up

Mind= Blown?


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  1. HAHA that is so funny, I can't believe how well that works! Although Philip J. Fry does have some epic dance moves.

  2. hahah the sprinter one... !

    really funny !