Monday, March 7, 2011

Drunk Discount Special: 3 for 1

Now this next guy is pretty awesome. Toby Jones makes fun of American Culture and stupid TV commercials with these three following clips.

The first is for a storage facility that he offers at a low low price:

The second shows how Americans will eat anything as long as its edibile and fryable it can be deliciodable

The third is for  another odd combination- Daycare and Prepaid Legal:

Now these videos aren't just hilarious because a big fat black dude is offering low prices for ridiculous things. They're funny because on top of that, we have seen these commercials before (pathetic as that may sound) on TV. These are all commercials that we can relate to and in one way or another for how absurd Toby Jones' commercials are, they are brutally honest at how much people suck at making commercials.

On top of all that he lampoons black stereotypes and throws them in as curveballs, making these three hilarious videos.

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  1. Haha the storage and bbq videos gave me a real good laugh! =D

  2. it's really funny, thanks for the links.

  3. Really funny... I'll be checking back soon!

  4. LOL great commercials! Nice post!