Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Charlie Sheen: Now in Pill Form

I would be a fucking idiot if I didn't address the awesomeness that is the Charlie Sheen developing situation.

This is what's most people are predicting after his interview.

What's that you say? You HAVEN'T heard what's going on? Well Charlie is pissed about how the people and network of the show Two and a Half Men is telling him how to live his life which is full of partying and balls to the walls awesomeness.

So his response to the network is basically fuck off and suck my dick. I'm living the way I want to and he called them nazis, etc. for trying to control how he lives.

 Indeed they are pimp-cat. Don't let them stop you.

But that all led to this interview which is pure hilarity:

Probably safer than heroin. 

What was that? He just said he was high on himself? Nice. (I'm sure many viral videos will be made of this) But fuck, Charlie just pulled a government shit trick on us and outlawed himself as a drug because we would all die from it. If you CAN get your hands on some of this wonder-drug, this comprehensive price scale is a pretty accurate cost of what you'll be looking to pay to get high on the rare Sheen drug.

Just try not to melt your face off.


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  1. Been reading about this on so many blogs and this video nicely explained it to me. My response? Half-way between "holy shit" and "fucking awesome!"