Thursday, March 3, 2011

In honor of the weekend, and of course the drinking that goes with it, I'll show you a few truly great custom beer pong tables.

The first one is the cheapest of them all. Got a beach? Good. Now dig a bit and you're done. As long as your local beach allows drinking on it, you're set. Digging even creates a natural place to sit. Perfect table? Maybe.
Next we have another leisurely laid back table perfect for the summer and especially if you don't live near a beach. This table is a floating pong table, perfect for your pool. You can just relax and play some pong while spending your days off in a cool pool on a hot summer day.
 Third I have a table which is very appealing to the eyes. This table is made of plexiglass and Corona bottles with different color highlighter liquid inside and lit from blacklights for a sweet looking glow. And if that's not enough for you, the table also features a LCD flat screen tv right in the middle.
Fourth is more a concept than a specific table. However this specific table is the best looking one of the group. We're talking sports tables. We all know you can replicate your team's court/field/stadium with your pong table but this specific table, featuring the L.A. Laker's court goes into great detail and precision especially on the wood finish of the floor. Love the concept but if someone could make an Orlando Magic table, then we'd be in business. Great job to the lucky Laker fan who owns this piece of art.
Last I bring you the ultimate beer drinker's table. This table is full of irony because the main place beer pong is played is by younger people in college. Yet a standard pong table will take around 4500 beer caps to fill the table. You will be pretty much done with your college career before you can even assemble your table. If you drink on weekends (Friday and Saturday nights)  and drink 10 beers per night after one year you will have 1040 caps. Only 3 and a half more years to go... good luck. So anyone who assembles one of these tables either has a shot liver, or has friends. Either way, congrats on having one baller table.

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