Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Epic Post-Subtitle: Sorry I Was Gone

Ladies and Gentlemen I know its been a few weeks since my last post and I am here to tell you I am not dead or lying in a coma. I am alive and well just had a lot of shit go on this past week so just a lot on my mind and that led me away from posting anything or getting on blogger at all.

In short I am back and will make up for it with an epic post for you all to enjoy.

First lets get started with an amazing compilation video series posted as Ultimate Ownage Compliation. Promise you will lul at the fails and gasp at the amazingness




Well that's a good start to get back into it but I feel I owe you all more for me being away for so long so I'll post some epic pictures so awesome even Patrick can't believe it.

Today we will do another you x, you lose thread. But lets go for 2 different categories.

First up we will do a you rage you lose picture post. Basically if the situation has happened to you and you are like holy shit that's me, you agree with the rage and you lose.Second we will do a you laugh you lose post. You get the idea. You laugh at the image, you lose.

Without further ado, lets go!  
So much win Patrick's brain is about to explode.

You Rage, You Lose

Sorry couldn't put them side by side to make this post smaller. Time for epic game 2.

You Laugh, You Lose

Sorry this post is huge I know because the photos needed to be bigger to see them. I hope you guys enjoyed this and this will entice you to stay around and not unfollow me. I just have a lot of stuff going on in my life and I will keep up with my blogger from now on.

If you enjoyed all this, as always, let me know and I will make more like it.

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Monday, March 7, 2011

Drunk Discount Special: 3 for 1

Now this next guy is pretty awesome. Toby Jones makes fun of American Culture and stupid TV commercials with these three following clips.

The first is for a storage facility that he offers at a low low price:

The second shows how Americans will eat anything as long as its edibile and fryable it can be deliciodable

The third is for  another odd combination- Daycare and Prepaid Legal:

Now these videos aren't just hilarious because a big fat black dude is offering low prices for ridiculous things. They're funny because on top of that, we have seen these commercials before (pathetic as that may sound) on TV. These are all commercials that we can relate to and in one way or another for how absurd Toby Jones' commercials are, they are brutally honest at how much people suck at making commercials.

On top of all that he lampoons black stereotypes and throws them in as curveballs, making these three hilarious videos.

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

In honor of the weekend, and of course the drinking that goes with it, I'll show you a few truly great custom beer pong tables.

The first one is the cheapest of them all. Got a beach? Good. Now dig a bit and you're done. As long as your local beach allows drinking on it, you're set. Digging even creates a natural place to sit. Perfect table? Maybe.
Next we have another leisurely laid back table perfect for the summer and especially if you don't live near a beach. This table is a floating pong table, perfect for your pool. You can just relax and play some pong while spending your days off in a cool pool on a hot summer day.
 Third I have a table which is very appealing to the eyes. This table is made of plexiglass and Corona bottles with different color highlighter liquid inside and lit from blacklights for a sweet looking glow. And if that's not enough for you, the table also features a LCD flat screen tv right in the middle.
Fourth is more a concept than a specific table. However this specific table is the best looking one of the group. We're talking sports tables. We all know you can replicate your team's court/field/stadium with your pong table but this specific table, featuring the L.A. Laker's court goes into great detail and precision especially on the wood finish of the floor. Love the concept but if someone could make an Orlando Magic table, then we'd be in business. Great job to the lucky Laker fan who owns this piece of art.
Last I bring you the ultimate beer drinker's table. This table is full of irony because the main place beer pong is played is by younger people in college. Yet a standard pong table will take around 4500 beer caps to fill the table. You will be pretty much done with your college career before you can even assemble your table. If you drink on weekends (Friday and Saturday nights)  and drink 10 beers per night after one year you will have 1040 caps. Only 3 and a half more years to go... good luck. So anyone who assembles one of these tables either has a shot liver, or has friends. Either way, congrats on having one baller table.

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You Want, You Lose Fridays Part II

Check here for You Want, You Lose Fridays Part I as well as rules of this game.

Now down to business:

Is that...could it be...
Indeed, it is. A s'more keyboard? Yes it is. And its actually made of marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers. Not so functional, but awesome? Yes. And if there was a keyboard out there like this, I bet it would be popular.
This great innovation is the iNto64 released by Bacteria is a one of a kind system that is currently being raffled off. It has all the functionality of the classic N64 system in a portable system you can play on the go. Forget Nintendo taking your favorite games and putting them into new systems, just convert your childhood into pure awesomeness.

This is the Sharky Tea Infuser. Designed by Pablo Matteoda, and viewable on this site, it is hopefully soon to be in production. Pablo mentioned on his blog that it should be sometime soon, so if you want one, keep checking back the the above mentioned site. As you can see, you put the tea in and let it float around your mug and the tea will become mixed in with your water. The fin is actually hollow and full of air and sealed watertight making it able to float.
Designed by Icelandic designer Kristin Birna Bjarnadottir, this is the Illuminant lamp. Once again this is a design piece that is not yet in production or for sale. The lamp is suspended by fishing line from the ceiling and the lampshade is made of reflective material. The light comes up from the floor and fills the whole room with several different glass plates that fit over the bulb, allowing for colors such as blue, clear, and red.

You might remember the video game Portal, the puzzle game where you shoot a beginning and ending portal to reach the end of levels. Well here are sweet bookends based on the game. Not available for purchase yet though.

Hope you liked this week's awesome things you want. I am sorry that they are all concepts and none are buyable...yet. Like I said, keep checking up on the ones you want but for now all you can do is drool over them while them tempt you from your computer screen. Enojy!

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

He Jumps... SCORE!

Today I bring you a short post with this hilarious video:
That's right. A goddam bull just jumped over the stadium and decided to rampage around and hit a grandma. I hope I'm not the only one who sees this as funny. God I laugh every time I see it. 

Hope you enjoy

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Charlie Sheen: Now in Pill Form

I would be a fucking idiot if I didn't address the awesomeness that is the Charlie Sheen developing situation.

This is what's most people are predicting after his interview.

What's that you say? You HAVEN'T heard what's going on? Well Charlie is pissed about how the people and network of the show Two and a Half Men is telling him how to live his life which is full of partying and balls to the walls awesomeness.

So his response to the network is basically fuck off and suck my dick. I'm living the way I want to and he called them nazis, etc. for trying to control how he lives.

 Indeed they are pimp-cat. Don't let them stop you.

But that all led to this interview which is pure hilarity:

Probably safer than heroin. 

What was that? He just said he was high on himself? Nice. (I'm sure many viral videos will be made of this) But fuck, Charlie just pulled a government shit trick on us and outlawed himself as a drug because we would all die from it. If you CAN get your hands on some of this wonder-drug, this comprehensive price scale is a pretty accurate cost of what you'll be looking to pay to get high on the rare Sheen drug.

Just try not to melt your face off.


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